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The Timeshare Industry Needs Reform

More than 9 million households own timeshares, which some resort developers frequently market with high-pressure, hard-sell sales techniques. Large numbers of timeshare owners regret their purchases. Contributing to this dissatisfaction are the financial burdens of steadily growing maintenance fees that average almost $1,000 a year1, and the inability to cancel their timeshares.

The Coalition to Reform Timeshare is made up of individuals and organizations dedicated to reforming the timeshare industry. We believe that timeshare companies should be subject to a strict code of ethics and transparency in their sales techniques.

As such, we are advocating for change in these key areas:

  • Establish a strict code of ethics
  • Reform high-pressure sales practices
  • Promote marketing transparency
  • Educate the public about state, local and federal legislation and regulations that would harm consumers and timeshare owners
  • Advocate for clear, fair, legal exits from timeshares

1. State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study 2017 Edition, conducted by Ernst & Young for the ARDA International Foundation (AIF).

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Timeshare Horror Stories

Countless timeshare owners regret their purchase. The Coalition to Reform Timeshare is dedicated to restructuring the timeshare industry, and we’ll be publishing individual video stories to highlight the need for change.

Frank and Betty L.

Diamond Resorts

Frank & Betty express what amounts to a horror story timeshare experience, detailing what they perceive as lies and deception they received from a high pressure sales representative from Diamond Resorts during a vacation. They believe that predatory practices of the Diamond Resorts salesman left them responsible for over $19,000 in yearly maintenance fees on top of a $36,000 annual mortgage payment.

Warren P.

Wyndham Resorts

Warren tells his story of regret in buying a Wyndham Las Vegas timeshare with his sister, and facing what he believes were high pressure presentations with deceptive sales pitches, including misleading assurances of contract transfers for lower loan interest rates that were unavailable.

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As owners find no solutions from their resort on how to get rid of their timeshare, many turn to the prospect of no longer paying for it. @TUGTIMESHARE provides great insight into what happens if you stop paying. It does vary from timeshare to timeshare.

You don't have to stay silent about your timeshare problems any longer. Others have shared their story, now it's time to share yours. #ShareYourStory with us at

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The Coalition to Reform Timeshare is dedicated to reforming the timeshare industry. We advocate that timeshare companies should be subject to a strict code of ethics and transparency in their sales techniques. 

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