Timeshare Horror Stories

Hear the stories of various timeshare owners expressing their experiences and frustrations with deceptive and misleading timeshare organizations.

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Branson’s Nantucket

Max G. and Norma Faye L.

Branson's Nantucket | Branson, Missouri

Part one: Norma and Max tell their story of what they believe are deceptive and fraudulent practices by Branson’s Nantucket, feeling they’d been mislead into becoming obligated to a line of credit.

Max G. and Norma Faye L.

Branson's Nantucket | Branson, Missouri

Part two: Norma expresses her opinion of being the victim of fraud, being assured the timeshare would increase in value as an investment, and that at any time Norma requested, Branson’s would buy back their timeshare with no questions asked.

Diamond Resorts

Frank and Betty L.

Diamond Resorts


Frank & Betty express what amounts to a horror story timeshare experience, detailing what they perceive as lies and deception they received from a high pressure sales representative from Diamond Resorts during a vacation. They believe that predatory practices of the Diamond Resorts salesman left them responsible for over $19,000 in yearly maintenance fees on top of a $36,000 annual mortgage payment.

Lavinia P.

Diamond Resorts


Lavinia tells her story of timeshare nightmares with Diamond Resorts in what she feels were misleading deceptions, and that she is now facing the ongoing burden of rising maintenance fees for a timeshare her family does not use under a contract that Diamond Resorts will not let her escape.

Margaret J.

Diamond Resorts


Margaret tells her story of wanting out of her Diamond Resorts timeshare after 10 years due to travel restrictions, and her opinion that she received deceptive information and misleading options that she later discovered are not available.

FantaSea Resorts

Latisha D.

FantaSea Resorts | Atlantic City, New Jersey


Latisha expresses her opinion of experiences with FantaSea Resorts Timeshare, including ongoing and increasing fees, resort unavailability when wanted, and the fear of a burden that may be placed on children inheriting what she feels is an inescapable contract.

King’s Creek Plantation

LaShawn and Sylvester G.

King's Creek Plantation | Williamsburg, Virginia


LaShawn and Sylvester tell their story of feeling mislead after being denied the ability to get out of their timeshare subsequent to suffering personal hardship.

Massanutten Resort

Tanyelle D.

Massanutten Resort | McGaheysville, Virginia


Tanyelle describes her experiences with Massanutten Resort Timeshare, asserting they oversell their resort availability while increasing annual fees.

TravelSmart VIP

Danielle S.

TravelSmart VIP


Danielle tells her story of having numerous issues with TravelSmart VIP in St. Lucia. She expresses how the website of the timeshare hasn’t worked properly, and that she is constantly being offered more things when asking for cancellation paper work, only then to have her requests for relief be ignored.

Wyndham Resorts

Cynthia and Larry M.

Wyndham Resorts


Cynthia and Larry tell their story of feeling victimized by Wyndham Resort timeshare scheduling nightmares, resort unavailability a year in advance, and suffering from annual fee increases for a property they feel is very inconvenient to use.

Kim F.

Wyndham Resorts


Kim expresses her impression of being deceived into co-buying a Wyndham Las Vegas timeshare with her brother under the false assurance she could later transfer ownership in full to her brother at a later time.

Warren P.

Wyndham Resorts


Warren tells his story of regret in buying a Wyndham Las Vegas timeshare with his sister, and facing what he believes were high pressure presentations with deceptive sales pitches, including misleading assurances of contract transfers for lower loan interest rates that were unavailable.

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